There are a wide range of products in elderly technology that support a spectrum of use, from basic assistance and convenience, to health and even security.  The goal of ElderTEK is to provide information for the best solution for each situation.  There are solutions for every situation.

Medication Management Tech

auto pill dispenserPerhaps the most crucial component to insure long-term success of the elderly remaining at home is consistent and accurate medication management.  With the sheer volume and types of meds seniors are taking on a daily basis, the mistakes are common and many times devastating.  Automatic Pill Dispensers are essential for removing many of the pitfalls of medication error is a key to in-home living.

Remote monitoring/Web video

elderly video monitorMore than simply a method of checking in on loved ones, current technology allows 2-way voice communications.  The ability to see what is actually going on inside the home is imperative when you are miles or days away.  Web video monitoring allows you to check on the elderly anytime you are concerned about them.

Fall Detection

fall detectionSome of the latest technologies to be developed involve detection of falls, and alerts based on incidents.  The tracking technology detects sudden transitions from vertical movement to horizontal positions (falls) and reports in a variety of methods. Find more options for fall detection devices

Activity tracking/Wearables

wellness-trackerOne of the easiest systemes to implement, wearables can give an array of data on daily activities including movement, sleep patterns, feeding/fluid intake, and other variables are primary indicators of wellness.  Read more about activity tracking for elderly.

Emergency Response Devices

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Seniors may not always be aware of their current condition, but much of the time they are very aware, and unable to communicate if they have fallen or otherwise incapable of reaching the phone to call for help.  That is where Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) come into play. Find options for personal emergency response systems.

Door-Bell Video Monitor Security

video-doorbell-securityNot only is answering a doorbell stressful and time consuming for the elderly, it can also be very dangerous.  Opening doors to strangers can be deadly for seniors.  An option to answer remotely from a chair or even a bed is a much safer option, and even allows caregivers to answer and screen visitors from a distant cellphone.  Learn more about door-bell video security monitors.


Assistive Technologies

home assistance automation

The abundance of smart-home technology is growing everyday, and much of the technology is very helpful for seniors in the home.  From remote voice control of temperature, lights, video doorbells and security, the options are expanding every day. Find out more about assistive technology for seniors.