Aging in Place – Assisting elderly remaining in the home

 aging in place birmingham alAs our population ages, we are constantly evaluating the needs of our seniors to determine modifications needed to prepare for declining ability and function of adults.  This evaluation is critical to ensure the most autonomy and freedom, with the least intrusion.  Aging in Place is a goal to ensure all opportunities to seniors to live out as much of their lives in the home as THEY desire.  The last resort should always be a move to assisted living, and even transitioning of in-home caregivers.  If technology can solve the upcoming issues and prevent or even delay drastic measures and transitions, tech should always be considered as a priority.

Overall happiness should be a major factor when making choices, but we need not forget the overwhelming financial impact that major transitions in living arrangements can have.  Even the requirements of visiting caregivers can be delayed with the right technology.  Close monitoring of mental and physical agility can delay transitions for years, and that is why the availability of new technology is so exciting.  From wellness trackers and medication dispensers, to movement and activity monitoring, security and home automation – the options are developing and growing every week.

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