Aging in Place

A phrase that is used to describe the goal of allowing the elderly to remain in the home as long as possible, using technology to assist and overcome obstacles that would normally force aging adults into assisted living.  The technology abounds, and the abundance of choice can overwhelm.  As a result, we offer in-home consultation and custom installs for a wide range of products and services designed to promote ease of living at home.

Elderly Assistance

Much of the early needs of seniors in the home involve physical modification to the home to compensate for decreasing strength and mobility, and diminished agility and balance issues.  These physical modifications (ramps, rails, lifts, etc.) allow ease of movement inside and outside the home.  Similar modifications to electrical infrastructure that allows remote or voice activation (turning on/dimming lights, adjust temperature, answer doorbell from another room (or even another city) can greatly increase ability of the in-home senior.

Comfort and Safety

For decades, security has been an option for many people, but almost always it was a one-size-fits-all offering, with no flexibility, and no design oriented to our most vulnerable citizens.  Now new options are available with the aging population in mind.

Security Monitoring

Remote monitoring of your loved ones with technology such as remote video,  motion and fall detection, and two-way voice intercoms can reduce stress and fears on both ends, allowing a good night sleep knowing your senior is safe and secure.

Wellness Tracking

A variety of devices are available to monitor health and wellness, and transmit the data in real-time, reducing hospitalization and emergent situations.